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Original paintings & mixed medias
Canvas limited to 7 variants handfinished

aka "Morgón"

Morgan Guiraud is a french Neo Pop artist using hand drawing, collage, spray, acrylic paint and digital techniques.  Morgón's influences comes as well from street art, cartoons, surrealist artwork and pop art.

Born in 1976 in Montpellier, Morgan began his artistic career in Animation at the Academy of Digital Animation in Ridgecrest, California. Back in France, after a selection at the Annecy Film Festival, Morgon teaches Media Arts in Nimes and Montpellier between 2002 and 2004.

Graphic designer since 2004 in a company based in Montpellier designing connected devices, he reminds that Andy Wahrol and Dali, two major influences, went through commercial and advertising art.

Freed from commercial constraints when painting, Morgan Guiraud exhibit a collection of neopop portraits and some contemporary diversions of classics using collages. The signature of Morgón expresses his creative schizophrenia blending both traditional and modern techniques. The subjects are eclectic with a common topic: deviance.



The Morgon style in a few words?
It is in the "Neo-pop" movement, the modern transposition of Pop Art. Popular culture prevails, it allows everyone to relate to an accessible visual form, without hierarchy, and above all to democratize an art that does not consider himself superior.

How did you come to mix personality portraits and pop culture?
Simply because that's what I would have liked to have in my living room. I love movie posters, album covers. I started by offering paintings of children for the family, then I switched to the "pop" figures that were the icons of our childhood or everyday life.


Why making spoof out of classics?
The idea was to make art not boring, and to make discover the classics by derision. I bathed in the  "parody culture like Coluche, Les Nuls or Groland. Art is a joke and collages allow me to slip messages.

How does the creative process take place?
I start from a digital base that I retouch, then like Andy Warhol did with Marylin, I paint on serigraphs, project acrylic, sometimes spray. When I have the time I do some collages. I finish the details with markers to give a slight "street art" touch. Sometimes I do everything by hand, a bit to justify my graphic background in animation and cartoon. Other times, I do exclusively digital, like I did with the Jocondes parody. But my real pleasure is to mix all these techniques.

Why 7 variants only?
I started making unique pieces. One day, two persons wanted the same Cantona's portrait. I accepted to do a variant in order for both of them to get an unique artwork. As I didn't want to make the similar artwork undefinitively I decided to make only 7 different variants, because of Eric Cantona's footlball number. Same character but different painting smudges.

Interview by Julia Lemoine

Current Exhibition

CHEZ NOUS,  Montpellier

LA SCENE, Mauguio
LE DUKE, Baillargues
THE ORANGE THREE GALLERIE, Seillans, French Riviera
MARK BULLOCK PODS, Ridgecrest, California




135 rue thales,

135 rue thales,


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